Mat and Mop Rentals

Mat & Mop Rentals

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Mat and Mop Rentals


Custom mat rentals for the floors in your business are sometimes not even thought about until a slip-fall occurs or the inside floor gets so damaged it needs replacing.

JET Uniform and Supply Ltd. is able to rent customized floor mats and keep them clean to ensure your business always looks its best. Three main reasons to consider floor mats from JET are marketing, safety, and asset protection.


A customized floor mat that bears your logo or slogan welcomes your clients into your business. It is aesthetically pleasing and gives a sense of permanency for the customer.


It not only provides an opportunity for you to display your logo, enhancing your brand, but it also serves a critical safety function, especially in areas like Alberta, where winter weather can make floors slippery. Wet-floor lawsuits are not something you want to deal with.

Asset Protection

Canada winters can be brutal on flooring. Snow, salt, dirt, and ice are all tracked in on customer shoes and boots. Custom floor mats protect the floor.

Did you know... for every 1 pound of soil you can keep off of your floor, you save $500 in floor cleaning costs? A customized floor mat protects your flooring investment by grabbing and trapping that soil, before it gets to your floor, where it can ruin the finish. 

Mats of some of our Clients:


Our Added-Value: Custom Sizing

Most mat rental companies make you order your mat from a pre-determined standard size-chart. JET enables you to customize the size of floor mat that you want to rent -- to match any floor configuration or welcome area needs. You won’t find this option in a rental mat, with our level of cleaning service, anywhere else in Alberta. 

Vacuuming a floor mat can remove maybe 80% of the soil. Our industrial wash-bath cleaning solution gets 99% of the soil removed, taking allergens with it. This makes for a healthier workplace where everyone can breathe easier.

JET is a proven choice for floor mat rentals. Our staff will come and remove the soiled mat, replacing it with a clean one at regular intervals. Call your JET Sales Representative today to learn more about our Floor Mat Rental options.

Mop Rental

There can be nothing more disgusting than a dirty mop sitting in a bucket of filthy water. Or how about a dust mop with two inches of dirt underneath?

Our dust mop and wet mop service programs supply your business with clean, sanitized mops every time. Our mop service program is very affordable and eliminates the headache of ensuring your staff are keeping your mops clean. Why not take the first step of cleaning up your janitor's closet this way?

Call your JET Sales Representative today to get started with our Mop Rental program.


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