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Coverall Cleaning & Industrial Laundry


Uniforms and coveralls that are clean and in good repair contribute to a healthy working environment for your employees and help present a professional image to your customers—this is where JET's industrial laundry services can help.

Gathering soiled uniforms and cleaning them is a tough job. Food service, automotive, industrial, and warehouse employees tend to sweat a lot and can accumulate stubborn stains on their clothing. We take that dirty job off of your plate and put it on ours. And we have the industrial washing equipment and cleaning supplies to get the job done well.

Many industrial cleaners use a dry-cleaning process for uniform cleaning. The problem with this process is that not only is it less effective for removing sweat, it uses a solvent that is classified as a 2A carcinogen.

At JET, we use a wet-clean industrial cleaning process for getting your coveralls and uniforms clean. It is a safer, healthier, and more environmentally respectful way to handle industrial cleaning. The cleaning products we use dissipate quickly and are biodegradable. Our coverall cleaning process is better for the water system and ultimately for our entire community.


Our Added-Value

Better cleaning processes that are safer for our planet are a great reason for choosing JET's coverall cleaning. However, we offer other benefits to clients on our Corporate Program.


Turn-Around Time

We offer a 48-hour turnaround time for coverall cleaning and can even handle rush jobs with up to 4-hour notice. We provide a regular pick-up and drop off service or you can use our front counter drop-off service.

Tracking System

JET's uniform tracking service ensures that employees receive back exactly the uniform or coveralls that belong to them. Many of our competitors use manual or outdated tracking systems for customer-owned coveralls. Our computerized tracking and tagging system provides our customers with a "virtual zero" loss rate on garments we clean and mend. No other company can make that claim. Our exhaustive inspection service ensures that any mending or repairs are handled timely, using our quality mending process.

Contact your JET representative to discuss how a Corporate uniform cleaning program can make your business a healthier place to be.


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JET Uniform & Supply (formerly QuatroTec Industrial Services Ltd) has provided our company with exceptional service and great customer satisfaction. JET has been able to grow their business in a professional manner alongside their customers growing needs with little to no inconvenience. They have the small company feel with the big company…

Rick White
Canyon Technical Services Ltd.