Shop Rag Program

Shop Rags

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Shop Rag Program


If shop rags or cleaning rags are an important part of your employees' work, then you will want to talk to us about our shop rag program.

Our shop rag program is easy. We bring a 45-gallon drum full of clean rags to your shop. As they get used, employees throw them into another bin set aside for dirty rags.

We will come pick up the dirty rag bin and replace it with a new barrel of clean rags.

Your employees always have clean rags to do their jobs. You don't have to worry about keeping a clean supply of rags on-hand. We take care of recycling the rags and handling them properly as they are cleaned and prepared to be used again.

Cotton rags are more environmentally-friendly than industrial wipers or mechanics rags. Yet, the hassle of washing dirty rags and keeping clean stock is the reason many companies buy the disposable rags. We take that hassle right from your shoulders and put the burden on us.

You can phone us when the barrel is ready for replacement or we can set up a standard time for clean rag delivery. Whatever works best for you.

Own a restaurant?

The Recycled Shop Rag program isn't just for automotive or "shop" businesses. We provide table cleaning rags, linens, napkins, aprons, table skirts - any flatware your restaurant needs.

We take away the soiled items and deliver a fresh supply—removing from your to-do list the need to launder and press table linen items and sanitize cleaning rags. Recycling napkins and wiping rags saves you money long-term and is better for the environment.

Our wide supply of colour options enables you to match to your business colours; we can rent or sell your linens, rags and other flatware items.

We know how important it is for a restaurant to present a clean image to diners. Diners who are comfortable with the cleanliness of a restaurant are more likely to return. We want to help you put your best impression forward with table linens, napkins, and other flatware that will impress even the most discerning diner.

Our Added-Value

We recognize the need for flexibility in all of our customer programs. Your JET representative will work with you to put together a program that meets your needs based on your business.

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What Customers Say

We have shirts and pants rental program for our mechanics with JET (formerly QuatroTec). We are very happy with the quality of the wash and the delivery driver is always on time.

Dave Gillard
Eastside Auto Service