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5 Benefits of Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs for healthcare workers
Medical scrubs are comfortable and come in a variety of colours.

Medical scrubs have become the standard uniform for healthcare workers in hospitals, emergency centers and doctor’s offices in Canada, USA, and Europe. Gone are the days when nurses dressed in white, skirted uniforms and doctors in suits and ties.

Now, you will see people wearing scrubs in the grocery store, dropping off their children at school, or even while eating at a restaurant on their lunch break. This is mainly because industries beyond medical centers have recognized the practicality of scrubs for employees. They have become common attire for employees in dental offices, veterinarians, and retirement homes because of a few great benefits.

Scrubs are comfortable to move around in. Some people think wearing scrubs is like getting to wear your pajamas to work. It can feel that way because the right fit of scrub is extremely comfortable. Different fabrics available - with different blends of cotton / polyester / rayon and even spandex - give options for people with varying tastes.

Scrubs come in many color selections. Initially, scrubs were pale green or pale blue in color. Now, there are countless fabric patterns and color options. Healthcare workers in a hospital, for example, can be identified by the color of scrubs as to which department they belong. This makes it easy for staff in a large building to quickly identify one another.

Scrubs are easy to identify and launder. Operating room staff obviously have greater sterilization needs for their scrubs than does a veterinarian. Often, hospitals require surgical staff to leave their scrubs behind for laundering to ensure proper handling. Scrubs are easy to change into and out of, and make this process easy for staff.

Scrubs make patients feel comfortable. The old traditional bright white uniforms and lab coats actually made patients less comfortable than the calming colored scrubs. The bright white is quite harsh to the eyes (especially under medical room lighting), and the sight of blood or other fluid splatters on the uniform can be unsettling.

Scrubs can fit comfortably to any body size. In a place like a hospital that has many, many employees, it would be difficult to find a uniform more easily adaptable to body type than scrubs. Scrubs are simply designed and easy to fit. They are made so dirt has few places to hide and can be easily replaced if they get damaged or too stained.

Companies like JET Uniform & Supply have made it easy for employers to outfit their staff in the scrubs that are right for the job. We offer corporate clients the ability to set the parameters for uniform purchase and then, when a new employee is hired, the employee can contact us directly to get what they need to do their job well.  

We even offer the option of uniform renting, if that best meets your outfitting needs.

Contact us today to view our options for scrubs for your medical or healthcare business.