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How Are Uniforms Perceived by Your Customers?


Professional looking uniforms can help create consumer confidence and improve company productivity.

What you wear says a lot about who you are. The same can be said about the uniforms your employees wear in the workplace.

Workwear, whether it’s for a chef at a restaurant, or a delivery driver for a courier company, provides your customers and other members of the public with a means of identifying them as being connected to your company.

Looking beyond that, here is what your customers are likely to think when they encounter your employees wearing well-kept uniforms.



Providing clean workwear for your employees can go a long way towards evoking a strong professional appearance. Consider a situation where you go to have your car serviced and you’re greeted by a mechanic whose industrial coveralls are: 

  • Stained
  • Torn
  • Oversized
  • Lacking a name

It wouldn’t take long for the customer to begin wondering whether the mechanic takes as much pride in his work as he does his appearance. 

On the other hand, companies that take the time to outfit their employees with appropriate attire will set the right tone.



When a customer encounters an employee wearing a company uniform, it inspires consumer confidence. By having the company logo and employee’s name proudly emblazoned on the clothing, it indicates the business believes in its products, services and everything it stands for.



Sometimes, customers have questions and they don’t know whom to turn to for answers. When they see an employee wearing a uniform (complete with name tag or custom embroidery), a customer will feel more comfortable approaching them for advice.

This is particularly useful in business sectors where delivering a personalized customer experience is essential, including:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Catering



When dealing with an employee that’s wearing your company uniform, customers can be reassured that the employee will act according to the company guidelines and the way it operates.

Not only is that reassuring for customers, it offers peace of mind for owners and management as well.


Company Success

Uniforms are a terrific way for companies to set an image of corporate success in the minds of their clients. When they see employees wearing professional quality workwear, they also see a company that has the resources and willingness to invest in its prosperity.

This further reassures the customer that they’re dealing with a well-established entity, which helps create a feeling of trustworthiness. In addition to creating loyal customers, it can also lead to word of mouth advertising.



Using the right blend of materials, colours and patterns can have a direct impact on how your uniforms are received by the public. For example, while it might make sense for a heavy-duty mechanic to wear darker colours to hide oil stains, a hotel receptionist might better suited for attire that’s lighter and more welcoming.

For more on how companies benefit from company uniforms, read our post: How Uniforms Boost Team Morale and Your Company’s Image.


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