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Head Protection: Uniforms Can Also Include Personal Protection Equipment

Uniforms and Safety Supplies

Hard hats are essential components of uniforms where falling objects are common to the workplace.

You’re working on a construction site when all of a sudden you feel something ricochet off the hard hat you and your coworkers are required to wear as part of your Calgary company uniforms. After a moment of stunned silence and reflection, it dawns on you just how much that would have hurt had you not been wearing head protection. It could have easily resulted in an injury, or something much worse.

On many jobsites, hard hats are one the most effective and essential forms of personal protection equipment (PPE) in terms of preventing worker injury, which is why companies like JET Uniform & Supply are proud to offer a full range of industrial workwear accessories such as:

  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing and ear protection (ear muffs, ear plugs)
  • Highly visible clothing (safety vests)
  • Gloves and sleeves for hand and arm protection
  • Safety shoes and work boots


For information on the safety benefits of eye glasses, read PPE Safety Glasses: Providing Eye Safety in the Workplace.


Hard Hats Offer Protection Your Skull Can’t

Your skull’s job is to protect the brain, but it can only do so much. It’s actually quite sensitive and prone to bleeding when cut or damaged. Therefore, it makes sense to wear additional head protection when working in situations where falling or flying objects are commonplace:

  • Construction sites
  • Mining operations
  • Demolition work
  • Utility crews
  • Flaggers


How Hard Hats Dissipate Force

If you paid attention in high school physics, you’ll know the force of a falling object increases the further it drops. For example, a washer falling 30 feet will generate a force of about 6.5 pounds on impact, which will definitely leave a mark. Imagine what a heavier object would do.

If you’re wearing a hard hat and are struck by a falling object, the force of it will be transmitted and distributed to the neck and spine, significantly reducing the impact.

Hard hats and other headgear are typically comprised of a hard shell and a basic suspension system designed to distribute the force of impact.


Minor Inconvenience, Huge Safety Protection

Some workers might gripe that hard hats are cumbersome and weigh too much. Considering the average hard hat weighs less than a pound—and the human head weighs more than 15 pounds—their argument is quite flimsy.

Others might object to wearing them in hot conditions, saying they’re uncomfortable. However, tests have revealed that temperatures under a hard hat (depending on colour and type of material) can be cooler than ambient temperatures on a hot day.


The DOs and DON'Ts of Hard Hat Maintenance


  • Inspect your hard hat and other headgear for signs of wear or other damage
  • Replace headwear if signs of wear or damage are evident
  • Dispose of headwear if its protective abilities are in doubt



  • Modify headwear in any way (i.e. drill holes for ventilation)
  • Paint the shell, as solvents can make the material brittle
  • Put anything between the suspension and the shell


Is PPE an essential part of your uniforms? JET Uniform & Supply provides a full range of PPE and safety supplies that meet the necessary safety standards from CSA, ASTM and UL. Call our knowledgeable customer service representatives to find out more.