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Why Workwear Cleaning is an Essential Practice in the Food Service Industry

Chef and cook staff uniform laundry

An effective workwear cleaning program is an important aspect of maintaining a professional kitchen in any restaurant.

Go into the back of any fine restaurant and you’re almost certain to find a kitchen as immaculate as the food being prepared in it. Any chef who takes pride in the cuisine he or she prepares is just as likely to be excruciatingly picky when it comes to the cleanliness of their food preparation area. This unrelenting attention to sanitation also extends to workwear cleaning of kitchen staff uniforms.

There are two obvious reasons why a workwear cleaning program is crucial for the success of restaurants, catering companies and even fast food chains. There are also a few you might not think of:

Food Sanitation Starts with the Kitchen Staff

Executive chefs, sous chefs, line chefs, short-order cooks (and whatever else you want to call them) all have one important thing in common—they continually handle an endless array of food ingredients throughout their shift:

  • Raw meat and fish
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Spices
  • Grains
  • Pasta
  • Sauces

It’s inevitable that they’ll end up wearing some of that on their uniform, either through spills and splashes, or by wiping their hands on it. That’s what makes having an effective workwear cleaning program and a continual supply of aprons and uniforms so important—it helps reduce the spread of bacteria through the handling of food.


They’re Called Chef’s Whites for a Reason

Cooks and the clients don’t see one another all that often—you might sneak a peek in the kitchen as you make your way to the restroom. But if a restaurant-goer was to see a chef wearing a grease- and sauce-stained uniform that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks, it doesn’t set an appetizing example. In fact, situations like that can lead to negative word-of-mouth advertising.


Avoid a Visit by the Health Inspector

Continual concerns over the unsanitary appearance of a kitchen staff can also lead to unwanted—but perhaps necessary—attention from the local health authority. You can help prevent this undesirable scrutiny by utilizing JET Uniform & Supplies’ workwear cleaning program.

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Don’t Leave Uniform Cleaning to Your Staff

For smaller restaurants, it might be tempting for the owners to cut corners and hand their kitchen staff several uniforms and ask them to keep them clean. This is just asking for trouble as you’ll get staff who:

  • Can’t clean their uniforms properly
  • Are too lazy or forgetful to clean their uniforms often enough
  • Lose their uniforms altogether



Looking for an easy solution to keep your restaurant staff looking spiffy? JET Uniform & Supply offers a workwear cleaning program that’ll keep your employees spotless. JET also sells and rents industrial uniforms for a variety of job fields with the added bonus of in-house custom embroidery and industrial mending services.