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How to Make Your Calgary Uniforms Stand Out from the Cowtown Crowd

Restaurant staff in uniform in Calgary restaurant

Sometimes all it takes is a touch of red to your Calgary company’s uniforms to appeal to the greater public.

With a population of more than a million people, Calgary is the third largest city in Canada. It has the most millionaires per capita, and the second most corporate headquarters out of Canada’s 800 largest companies. In short, it’s a great place to do business. But in order to succeed in many industries, you need to find a way to make your uniforms stand out.

What your employees wear is a reflection of the company they represent, and it represents a huge opportunity to make a positive impression on both your clients and on the general public (ie. potential clients). In terms of Calgary uniforms, if you can make yours as recognizable as a Flames jersey, you’re headed in the right direction.

Here’s a few suggestions to help get you there:


Keep Tabs on Your Competitors

Before committing to a full-scale overhaul of new uniforms for your staff, have a look around to see what your competitors are up to. Copying the colour scheme or style of an opposing company’s uniform shows a lack of originality. If you were to inadvertently replicate the uniform of a more established company, clients would more likely confuse your for them, which will reinforce their brand instead of yours.


What do Your Employees Want to Wear?

Before you decide on uniforms, it wouldn’t hurt to get some feedback from the people that’ll be wearing them—your employees. This can be something as simple as organizing an informal committee to go over design aspects such as:

  • Material choice
  • Comfort
  • Safety features
  • Style
  • Functionality
  • Colour


Add Class with Custom Embroidery

Incorporating custom embroidery is a great way to add flair to any uniform. The logical choice is to prominently display a company logo to promote brand awareness.


Seeing Red

Anyone who’s been to Calgary’s world-famous Red Mile knows what the city’s favourite colour is. As a company, do you play to that patronage and follow the trend or do you go against the flow? It’s a question best answered by your company’s underlying values. As long as you don’t go with the Oilers copper and blue, you should be OK.


Company Logo Considerations

More traditional or established companies might be more comfortable choosing a scheme that blends with their logo; newer or more innovative companies might be more inclined to pick colours that offer more contrast.


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