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Keep Your Workforce Looking Well-Kept with Coverall Cleaning

Construction worker in uniform

Show your employees you’re looking after them with the convenience of JET’s coverall cleaning program.

A company’s brand can be represented in so many different ways. From the business logo proudly displayed above the front entrance of the headquarters office to the advertising of services in the local media, it’s important to promote a positive image at all times.

In the industrial sector, a workforce can also make an impression—either good or bad—depending on their outward appearance. By using JET Uniform’s coverall cleaning and management program, your labour force will exude professionalism while you save time and money.


Five Reasons Why A Workwear Maintenance program is a Good Fit for Your Company

From a management perspective, here are five ways a coverall cleaning program makes sense:


1.  Streamlining

Any time you can cut back on your management resources, it usually means saving time and money. By offloading your workwear rental and/or cleaning to an expert such as JET Uniform, it also frees your staff to work on other projects or tasks.

2.  Expertise

Chances are your human resources staff members don’t specialize in industrial cleaners or in coverall cleaning. JET does. Once a representative has a thorough understanding of your workforce’s safety apparel requirements, they’ll ensure you receive a constant supply of fresh, well-maintained workwear. It’s one less thing you and your staff have to worry about.

3.  Flexibility

If your company owns its own workwear, JET will be happy to provide the coverall cleaning program to keep your employees fitted with well-kept apparel. If your company doesn’t provide its own coveralls or other workwear, JET’s uniform rental program has got you covered. Which leads us to the next point…

4.  Top brands

When using the uniform rental program, companies can choose from many top brands—such as Big Bill, Walls, Dickies, and Carhartt—when outfitting their staff. For industries that require it, there is also and array of quality flame resistant overalls, coveralls and other workwear to choose from.

5.  Company pride

One thing that shouldn’t get overlooked in all of this is that employees notice when the companies they work for make the extra effort to look after them. Something as simple as having a pair of clean, well-fitted coveralls with their name on them can go a long way in shaping a positive view of their employer and instilling a sense of company pride.


For more about how uniforms positively affect a company’s brand, check out this post: How Uniforms Boost Team Morale and Your Company’s Image.


Keep your workforce well looked after with JET Uniform’s coverall cleaning and rental programs.