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Do Your Part for the Environment with JET’s Eco-friendly Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial cart with cleaning supplies

JET's eco-friendly janitorial supplies are as effective as any other cleaners on the market, yet they're safe for the environment.

Everyone talks a good game when it comes to supporting the environment, but if you really look at how people live their lives, that talk doesn't always gets put into action. If you're a business owner in the commercial, hospitality or industrial sector and are looking to do your part for the planet, one simple way is to use eco-friendly janitorial supplies.

JET Uniform and Supply makes an earth-conscious effort in choosing the janitorial products it retails to its clients. It also uses the most advanced methods for its industrial cleaning programs to lessen the impact on the environment.

But whatever you do, don't think that because these products are gentle on the planet that they're also gentle on dirt and grease. The company mantra is "For the Toughest Jobs on the Planet," and they mean it. Their janitorial supplies and cleaning programs are field tested daily in some of the grungiest places on earth, including the oil and gas sector, mechanic shops and other industrial settings.

Here are a few examples of how JET has become renowned as an industry leader in environmentally friendly practices:

Shop Rags

By switching companies over to JET's cotton cloth rag program, it prevents countless sheets of disposable paper towel from making their way into a landfill. By the same token, less demand for paper products means fewer trees need to be harvested, which protects ecosystems and saves natural habitat. Used shop rags are collected and sent to JET's industrial cleaning facility for treatment before being reintroduced into the field.

Linen Roll

Similar to shop rags, installing linen roll towels in company bathrooms is another simple step any company can take to reduce the amount of paper waste our society produces. As an added bonus, these super absorbent linen rolls are stronger and more effective at cleaning and drying hands than paper products.

Janitorial Supplies

JET partners with Rochester Midland Corporation—a world leader in eco-friendly cleaning supplies—for its largest range of cleaning products. Their innovative products combine performance with environmental responsibility so the companies using them know they are contributing to the greater good.

Wet Cleaning

Whereas many industrial cleaning companies use a dry cleaning process,  JET provides the more environmentally friendly (and effective) wet cleaning service. The problem with dry cleaning is it requires the use of carcinogenic solvents that are bad for your health and for the environment. JET's wet cleaning methods have a much lower impact on the environment. For a more detailed comparison, check out our blog post: Benefits of Wet Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning Uniforms and Workwear


For janitorial supplies that are hard on grime, yet safe for the environment, look no further than JET Uniform and Supply. JET also offers a number of earth conscious cleaning programs such as industrial laundry, linen roll towels and shop rags to add efficiency and convenience to your day-to-day operations. Call their friendly customer service staff to learn more.