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JET Uniform Mending Is a Good Fit for Your Company

Mechanic in uniform mending tire

JET Uniform's industrial mending program will keep your workforce looking sharp while also keeping them safe.

Wearing the appropriate apparel is an essential factor for ensuring safety on any industrial worksite. It protects workers, keeps them clean and makes sure they're identifiable. As the name suggests, a uniform also bestows a sense of consistency to a workforce. If kept clean and in a good state of repair, uniforms exude professionalism. No matter what apparel you outfit your employees with, keeping work apparel well maintained with JET Uniform's industrial mending program is a sound investment.

If a company were to throw away a set of industrial coveralls every time they got torn, it would add up to a substantial bill in a hurry. Businesses invest big money to keep their workforces compliant with safety regulations, and one way to help offset costs is a quality uniform mending program.


How Industrial Mending Can Save You Money


Any time a work garment comes in for repair, it receives a thorough inspection to ensure there are no other areas that might also need attention. By catching any potential problems right at the service facility, it saves one less trip from the field and lessens the overall usage of the service.


JET’s advanced tracking system removes any guesswork from the equation. Your company will receive the adequate supply levels, saving your from having to stockpile apparel, or worse yet, call in an emergency looking for a few extra sets of coveralls.


Added Longevity
Thankfully, industrial garments are made to stand up to the most demanding work conditions imaginable, whether it’s in the oil fields, mechanic shops or other worksites. However, like all fabric, a heavy-duty set of overalls will wear down over time. Industrial mending can keep those garments in the field a lot longer, saving you from having to constantly replace these expensive items.


Workplace Safety
Time lost to injury can result in a loss in productivity. Keeping your employees’ workplace apparel in top condition will minimize the potential for safety hazards. All it takes for disaster to strike is a torn piece of fabric of a uniform getting caught in a machine. That is why staying on top of your uniform rotation is important.

You can streamline your uniform operations further still by combining JET’s Coverall, corporate laundry service and uniform mending programs. To learn more about how these services compliment one another, check out this post: Coverall Corporate Program Reduces Hassle and Hazards.


Jet Uniform’s industrial mending program will leave your workers dressed for success. Call one of our friendly customer service agents to learn more.