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Build Brand Awareness with a Custom Floor Mat

Custom-embroidered commercial mat

Let your customers walk all over you in a good way and build your corporate identity with a functional custom floor mat bearing your logo.

More and more companies are starting to understand just how important brand recognition is to their success. A business logo, whether it's adorning the company letterhead or on the sign overhanging the front door, is all about making a first impression, and a lasting one. Your company's identity, after all, is what sets it apart from the competition. One opportunity for catching the eye of a customer that tends to get overlooked is sitting right under your feet—a custom floor mat provided by JET Uniform & Supply.

Chances are you already have a welcome mat of some description at the entrance to your business. Floor mats are effective at trapping dirt and preventing falls, but they're also an overlooked marketing tool for several reasons:


Set a Welcoming Tone

Tastefully displaying a commercial mat with the company brand at your front entrance is an ideal way to create a welcoming impression. Not only does it demonstrate an element of pride held by the company, it can also lend a sense of reassurance to clients that they are dealing with an established entity.


Repetition is Key

Guess what the following items all have in common: key chains, golf balls, hats, t-shirts, cars, and bus stops. Answer: They are all prime real estate for advertising a company slogan or logo. If it can be printed upon, marketing-savvy businesses will find a way to stamp their name is on it. So why not add a floor mat bearing your company emblem to your list of strategic marketing canvases? Similar to generating traffic on the company website, the more people that see your logo, the better chance you have of improving your sales.


Reinforce the Message

Aside from the company banner at the front of the building, a strategically placed floor mat offers a secondary opportunity to strengthen your brand's influence. This is similar to the repetition theme of the first point, only in this instance it is happening at the vital point where the client and company are about to conduct business directly.


Subtlety Sometimes Trumps Glitzy

You don't always have to hit a client over the head to get your marketing message across. Sometimes a discerning touch of class can have an equally profound effect. Would you rather have a bunch of gaudy advertising cutouts and accompanying balloons cluttering up your entranceway, or would you opt for a more subdued approach by simply displaying a floor mat with your logo? The latter choice still relays the branding concept, without the use of gimmicks.


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Looking for new ways to boost your branding awareness? Call or email JET Uniform & Supply to discuss a logo floor mat or mat rental service.