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Not All Janitorial Supplies are Created Equal!

JET's Corporate Coverall Program helps businesses fit their employees with the proper uniforms

Choosing any cleaning supplies for janitorial use just won't do. We believe in making smart, environmentally-frindly choices!

(Photo by Sanja Gjenero/sxc)

Janitorial cleaning supplies are a necessary part of doing business. Our JET Uniform and Supply customers are performing some of the toughest jobs out there. From long days in the oil and gas industry to the stress of managing correctional facilities to keeping things running smoothly in schools and restaurants, our clients know that cleanliness is a critical part of safety.

However, we believe that choosing any old cleaning product for the job just won’t do. We’ve done our homework and have confidence in the benefits of making selections that are environmentally friendly. They are not only better for the planet, green cleaning products can help people stay healthier too!

One of the lines of green janitorial products we carry are from Rochester Midland Corporation. We want to educate you on some fun facts about this great company and are sure you’ll see why JET is proud to carry their products as part of our janitorial supplies.

  • Since 1888, Rochester Midland Corp. (then called Rochester Germicide Company) has been finding ways to making improvements on cleaning solutions. JET clients gain much from RMC’s longevity and dedication to developing solutions to address their customers’ needs.
  • Even though RMC is a global organization that operates in over 50 countries, they are committed to maintaining the family-owned business environment that was there from the company’s inception. At JET, we too find that a personal, approachable relationship is critical to have with our clients and within our employees.
  • JET believes in giving of our time and resources back into our community. RMC also goes out of their way to serve others. For example, RMC was on-site to respond to the recent disaster caused by Hurricane Sandy to educate about using biological cleaners to aid in water damage clean-up.
  • Use of RMC Products can assist companies seeking LEED®  Certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized program that identifies businesses who have implemented practical, sustainable environmentally sound, green initiatives in their operations.
  • RMC is continually conducting research and working to develop new products using the latest technologies and information on sustainability so their products remain a leading choice for companies seeking green product solutions.

We take seriously the janitorial supplies we carry. By offering RMC products to our clients, we hope you see that we are committed to providing you with the very best options on the market for keeping your workplace safe and healthy.