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Hotel Uniforms: Professionalism and Security for Staff and Guests

It was 7 am and there was a knock at my hotel room door. I looked through the peephole on the door and saw a man in a dark t-shirt, ball cap, and jeans.

“Who is it?” I asked.
“Hotel manager,” he replied.

The man was not in a hotel uniform, which raised a concern. I dialed the phone to the front desk and asked the hotel operator if a manager had been sent to my room.

“No, ma’am,” she said. I asked for a uniformed hotel guard to be sent to my room. By the time he got there, the man had left.

This story, submitted by our friend Kim, happened just last week and is unfortunately not all that uncommon of an occurrence. Would-be thieves scout out hotels for opportunities. Fortunately, Kim could see that the man at the door was not in a hotel uniform, which raised the flag to check on his credibility before opening the door.

Professional hotel staff uniforms give guests peace of mind and are an added security measure.

Professional hotel staff uniforms give guests peace of mind and are an added security measure.

As a hotel, providing uniforms for your staff are not only a way to keep staff looking clean and professional, they are also a way to provide security to your guests. Hotel and hospitality managers are responsible for implementing safety and security procedures that cover each element of a guest’s visit.

This encompasses everything from ensuring you’ve done your part so people are not hurt physically when they come into your establishment, to also giving them procedures and protocol to follow in the event of an emergency, to providing them adequate means for keeping their possessions protected while they are there.

All of the programs and training you provide your staff to address these areas go a long way towards safety and security. Rounding out the program with professional uniforms for hotel and hospitality staff provide that instant recognition for guests as to who they can approach when they need assistance while at your facility.

JET Uniform and Supply provides hospitality and hotel uniforms to companies who need their staff to be professionally outfitted. Our selection of options ranges from simple shirts with embroidery to complete clothing items, including slacks, shirts, aprons, jackets, and hats. JET also offers uniform rentals for an as-needed basis.

Recognition of hotel staff is made stronger when we embroider the name and facility logo on the uniform. Conveniently, we manage not only providing the uniforms but also have the industrial embroidery equipment to brand the items right at our shop, even with staff names, so that each staff member’s uniform looks professional. Embroidered names and logos are easier than name tags because they are less likely to get lost or forgotten at home.

If your hospitality or hotel facility is in need of an upgrade to the professionalism of your staff’s clothing, talk to us about how our hotel and hospitality uniform selections can help.